Carly Kliewer - Designer

  Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed the natural

beauty of rocks. Growing up in rural Manitoba I had

lots of opportunities to explore the different types of

local rocks and too interest in learning about rocks

from around the world. It wasn’t until I was an adult

that I learned to pair my love of rocks with my

creativity, in the form of wire wrapping and metal

smithing. Out of that union, with growing interest

and encouragement from friends and strangers alike,

Caged Designs was born!

  We create unique, handmade jewelry and home

décor to make sure that anyone can express

themselves through the beauty of art. Whether it’s a

sculpture in the home or jewelry that speaks to your

soul, we either have it or will work to create

something uniquely you!


  Caged Designs is owned and operated in Winnipeg, MB and ships free throughout Canada. If you have any questions or would like to work with our designer to create a custom piece, please contact us at